As we collectively navigate through the day-to-day challenges of this pandemic, these are some of the most common anxiety-related questions I’m hearing: 

* How can I feel some sense of control? 

* How can I minimize my anxiety?

* How can I get some decent sleep?

* How can I get a break from my (children, partner, parents. . .anyone you’re co-habitating with)?

* How am I going to protect my assets?

* Are we ever going to return to ‘normal’?

* What information can I trust?

 I want each of you to know that I HEAR YOU, and I AM WITH YOU.  I am asking the same questions.  We are collectively navigating through perhaps the most monumental period of uncertainty that we’ve ever faced before.

 I want to assure you there are specific things you can do to feel better, to feel more empowered, to see and clarify the choices you make as you continue to navigate through this crisis.  My professional email and social media feeds are filled every day with posts from other professionals, and contact with colleagues continues to provide supportive and specific strategies for managing our difficulties.  We are supporting each other so that we can be of help and support to each of you.